Soil Biology Testing & Analysis


We use our expertise to address the root cause of agricultural production issues. Disease is a symptom–not the cause–of not having beneficial microorganisms occupying the soil and plant surfaces. Bringing biology back to the soil is the solution organic farmers have been looking for, and we provide a proven systematic approach for doing just that.

Achieve healthier crops through our systematic approach.


Step 1

Testing & Strategy

Complete a soil test and develop a strategic plan.

  • We will test your soil to establish baseline microorganism and fertility levels.

  • We will discuss the results of your soil test and create a strategy to improve conditions in a manner that will support soil life.

  • We will create a timeline for improving the vital microorganism populations based on the crop and timing of cultural management activities.


Step 2

Application & Time

The aim of our service is to return microorganisms to the soil.

The appropriate way to feed the vital microorganisms in your soil is through light applications of organic plant and animal-based inputs.

  • We will assess the resources and equipment available with your operation to ensure compatibility with the application and vitality of microorganisms.

  • We source and produce all of the microorganisms of an optimally functioning soil food web to be applied to your soil for the duration of your project. We can also educate and train you and your team to produce biologically complete compost.

  • We work with you to ensure that the right type and amount of plant and animal-based inputs are applied to your soil along an appropriate timeline.

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Step 3

Analysis & Adjustments

Gathering metrics and making adjustments is vital to creating a precise program that is compatible with soil biology.

  • We regularly test soil biology to monitor the progress and pace of our efforts to return microorganisms to your soil, which enables us to shift our focus to returning those microorganism groups that may be slower to colonize.

  • We will continuously assess all aspects of the strategic plan to ensure there are no conditions or cultural management activities that may hinder the process of returning microorganisms to your soil.

  • We will continue working with your operation until each microorganism group of the soil food web is within optimum range and you are adequately educated to manage and maintain the system on your own.

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