We bring the life back to your soil.


Grow healthier crops through our biological approach.

Disease is not the cause of your agricultural problems; it is a symptom of the lack of beneficial microorganisms occupying your soil and plant surfaces. We can identify and address the root cause of your agricultural production issues through our systematic approach.


Step 1

Testing & Strategy

We specialize in soil microbial analysis, but in order to develop holistic strategies for reaching your operation’s goals, we must assess the physical, chemical and biological components of the soil.


Step 2

Application & Time

Once we have created a custom strategy, introducing microorganisms is the next step. Optimizing the timing, placement and method of each application is critical to improving soil in the first growing season.


Step 3

Analysis & Adjustment

Through time, we analyze the increases in biomass and populations of the vital microorganism groups in your soil. This allows us to identify the groups that are thriving and those that need additional attention.


"Nick is a pleasure to work with. He is very insightful when it comes to measuring and managing our living soil food web."

- Tyson Haworth, sofresh farms


Let's bring life back to your soil.

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