About Us


Humankind Oregon: Putting life back in the soil.


Through biological soil analysis, Humankind Oregon identifies problems and creates solutions using rigorous inoculation and management techniques. We aid in the improvement of agricultural ecosystems and human and animal health by empowering farmers with the knowledge to manage their operations without a dependency on chemicals.


Meet Nick

Nick Tomasini is founder and operator of Humankind Oregon. He is a Certified Soil Foodweb Consultant and Independent Organic Farm Inspector. Nick specializes in consulting with organic farms, cannabis farms, and compost producers.


Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Nick discovered his passion for organic farming while earning his B.S. in Agriculture from Oregon State University. After graduating, Nick worked for a large-scale organic agricultural enterprise, started a few farming ventures of his own, and worked as a research assistant under a soil scientist at OSU. His experience includes management of a rigorous IPM field scout program across thousands of acres, small-scale organic fruit and vegetable production, co-authoring publications, performing data analysis and presenting scientific research.

Working closely with farmers for many years, Nick saw a need for a deeper understanding of soil biology, which lead him to Dr. Elaine Ingham. Now, as a Certified Soil Foodweb Consultant, Nick has the knowledge to help farmers bring their soil back to life. His main objectives are to aid in the production of healthier crops and more nutrient dense foods, to bolster soil carbon sequestration potential and to reduce the incidence of anthropogenic water contamination and soil erosion.

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