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Soil Food Web

Founded by Dr. Elaine Ingham in 1996, Soil Foodweb Inc is dedicated to changing the way the world grows food and how humans treat the Earth's soils. The Soil Foodweb Approach has been used on over 5 Million acres worldwide to dramatically reduce input costs, increase yields and to sequester soil carbon at rates that have the potential to stop Climate Change.


Microworld - World of Amoeboid Organisms

Microworld offers an introduction to the fascinating world of amoeboid organisms. Here you can find a series of observations, recorded in both drawings and more than 6.700 photomicrographs and videos. It is also a database in progress, with descriptions of over 1700 species, and more information will be added on a continuing basis.

The Chaos of Delight: The Wonderful World of Soil Mesofauna

In soil science, the mesofauna are usually defined as invertebrates, sized between 0.1 mm and 2 mm, although some references increase this to 10 mm. Microfauna, such as protozoa and nematodes inhabit the smaller world below 0.1 mm. They exhibit animal-like characteristics, and many are as yet undescribed. The macrofauna loosely defines anything bigger than 2 mm, from woodlice, worms, and ants to badgers and anyone digging a tunnel.

As with most things in soil science, dividing soil animals into groups like micro, meso and macro are an easy though artificial way to roughly describe the complicated links and interactions between one of the most ancient collections of terrestrial arthropods.

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